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Hello Fellow Xenites,

                                               I have a new art competition community, called Xena Monthly! It is different from other as this one has no teams, just individual artists.It is open anyone who wants in. This is open to any form of art from fan fiction to backgrounds. There are monthly challenges and anyone is free to enter or not, it is up to you. There will be mood theme challenges, fan fiction challenges, and basic icon/banner/background challenges and also poem contest. All ships, all characters. I have announced next month's theme as I like to give artist a whole month to come up with something. So grab your art brushes, and BATTLE ON!

Join Here: [info]xena_monthly
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Screencaps - Never Forget Xena&Gabrielle

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BIIIIIIIIIG Update @ Juicy


X:WP Screenshots: Latest Update

I have added a crapload of screenshots since I last made an entry here, so here it goes.

1. Remember Nothing (Season 2)
2. A Necessary Evil (Season 2)
3. Sins of the Past (Season 1)
4. Dreamworker (Season 1)
5. A Solstice Carol (Season 2)
6. Chakram DVD commentary (Season 5)
7. Unchained Heart (Hercules, Season 1)
8. Armageddon Now II (Hercules, Season 4)
9. Vanishing Act (Season 3)
10. Deja Vu All Over Again (Season 4)
11. Between the Lines (Season 4)
12. Anthony and Cleopatra (Season 5)
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Looking for Xena (and Lucy Lawless) DVD screen captures? (not completely finished, as you can see from the index) but you can access the gallery, which has a crapload of Xena: Warrior Princess swell as Lucy Lawless images and captures, most of which are high quality. Tell me what you think, I'd really love feedback.

So far, I have the following completely uploaded:

1. Outcast - Hercules Season 2
2. As Darkness Falls - Hercules Season 1
3. Hercules and the Amazon Women - Hercules Season 1
4. The Black Wolf - Xena Season 1
5. Opening Titles - Xena
6. The Debt commentary - Xena
7. Antony and Cleopatra commentary - Xena
8. Xena Original Promo
9. Xena Season one interviews
10. Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts - Xena Season 1
11. A Friend in Need B-Roll - Xena
12. The Path Not Taken - Xena Season 1

All captures are 720 x 480 pixels.
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Does anyone have a screengrab, or know where I can get one, of Xena and Gabrielle on each side the ying yang symbol in "Paradise Found"? Where Xena is doing situps, and Gab is either doing yoga or sleeping I forget. I've looked everywhere. -_-