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Xena: Warrior Princess Screen Caps and Images [entries|friends|calendar]
Xena: Warrior Princess Screencaps

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Xena Monthly [03-14-12 22:41]


Hello Fellow Xenites,

                                               I have a new art competition community, called Xena Monthly! It is different from other as this one has no teams, just individual artists.It is open anyone who wants in. This is open to any form of art from fan fiction to backgrounds. There are monthly challenges and anyone is free to enter or not, it is up to you. There will be mood theme challenges, fan fiction challenges, and basic icon/banner/background challenges and also poem contest. All ships, all characters. I have announced next month's theme as I like to give artist a whole month to come up with something. So grab your art brushes, and BATTLE ON!

Join Here: [info]xena_monthly
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Scrolls [06-07-10 21:13]

Does anyone have any screencaps of Xena or Gabrielle with a scroll/s, or where I could find some?
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Screencaps - Never Forget Xena&Gabrielle [10-27-08 12:38]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hi everyone!
I'm new on this community.
I would post some screencaps that i made for my website (www.neverforget.it):


Sins Of The Past:



Who's Gurkhan?:


A Friend In Need I :

A Friend In Need II :

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BIIIIIIIIIG Update @ Juicy Flawless.org [09-24-08 19:38]

Been awhile since I posted here! If anyone gives a damn, I updated my gallery a whole lots since. In fact I don't even know where to start. I'll try my bestestest.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Season One
Death in Chains
The Royal Couple of Thieves

Season Two
Return of Callisto
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis

Season Three
Fins, Femmes & Gems
Vanishing Act
Forget Me Not

Season Four
The Way
The Play's The Thing

Season Five
Them Bones, Them Bones

Season Six
To Helicon and Back

DVD Commentary
Seeds of Faith
To Helicon and Back

Premieres and Events
In Concert
Other Promo Images
DVD Photo galleries
BSG Promo/Still Images
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First update since I've been her last [10-30-07 22:41]

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X:WP Screenshots: The Greater Good [07-14-07 23:27]



All captures are 720 x 480 pixels. Click on the image to see the larger image and make sure your browser does not block pop up windows!! (Some people have been asking me about this; they were experiencing problems).

Tamed the Warrior in me

X:WP Screenshots: Latest Update [06-15-07 01:28]

I have added a crapload of screenshots since I last made an entry here, so here it goes.


1. Remember Nothing (Season 2)
2. A Necessary Evil (Season 2)
3. Sins of the Past (Season 1)
4. Dreamworker (Season 1)
5. A Solstice Carol (Season 2)
6. Chakram DVD commentary (Season 5)
7. Unchained Heart (Hercules, Season 1)
8. Armageddon Now II (Hercules, Season 4)
9. Vanishing Act (Season 3)
10. Deja Vu All Over Again (Season 4)
11. Between the Lines (Season 4)
12. Anthony and Cleopatra (Season 5)
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Mortal Beloved [03-25-07 20:24]

[ mood | relaxed ]

I've added 584 screenshots of Mortal Beloved to the Juicy Flawless photo gallery. Lucy looks great in this doesn't she? That purple dress is a very good reason to rewatch this episode, lol. =)

Tamed the Warrior in me

Looking for Xena (and Lucy Lawless) DVD screen captures? [12-15-06 19:05]

http://www.juicy-flawless.org (not completely finished, as you can see from the index) but you can access the gallery, which has a crapload of Xena: Warrior Princess swell as Lucy Lawless images and captures, most of which are high quality. Tell me what you think, I'd really love feedback.

So far, I have the following completely uploaded:

1. Outcast - Hercules Season 2
2. As Darkness Falls - Hercules Season 1
3. Hercules and the Amazon Women - Hercules Season 1
4. The Black Wolf - Xena Season 1
5. Opening Titles - Xena
6. The Debt commentary - Xena
7. Antony and Cleopatra commentary - Xena
8. Xena Original Promo
9. Xena Season one interviews
10. Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts - Xena Season 1
11. A Friend in Need B-Roll - Xena
12. The Path Not Taken - Xena Season 1

All captures are 720 x 480 pixels.
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Request [10-20-06 05:09]

Does anyone have a screengrab, or know where I can get one, of Xena and Gabrielle on each side the ying yang symbol in "Paradise Found"? Where Xena is doing situps, and Gab is either doing yoga or sleeping I forget. I've looked everywhere. -_-
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Layouts [06-21-06 11:37]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Hi, does anyone know of a community where I get  Xena layouts and mood themes?  I've tried searching but have not had any luck.

Sorry if this is off topic, please feel free to delete this post if it is.



Tamed the Warrior in me

request caps [04-16-06 01:21]
Hi,i found this community about Xena caps and i just wanted to make a request, if it is possible.
(If it's a wrong place to ask, sorry in advance and i'll delete this message).
I need some caps of the episodes called "Forget Me Not" (3th Season) and "Seeds Of Faith" (5th Season).
Possibly, Ares and Gabrielle related. Thank you in advance
Tamed the Warrior in me

Layout [01-22-06 12:09]

Not exactly sure if I should be posting this here, but I'll do it anyway. I was wondering if anyone could, or if anyone knows anyone who could, make me Xena/Gabrielle Layout? I have been looking for one for a while, but I can't seem to find one anywhere.

Thanks a bunch
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[11-27-05 11:14]

[ mood | sick ]

Attention all Callisto fans!

Please join the first ever LiveJournal communtiy that is all about Callisto.

Post your favorite pictures, quotes, icons, art, and everything else of the Warrior Queen.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The community is quite new and in need of members. Thank you!

x-posted everywhere

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XENA 10th Anniversary [07-27-05 09:04]

Hey Everyone the xena 10th anniversary DVD is out and its really Great. Its got some of the best episodes of the xena TV series.This is a wonderful thingf or any Xena fan to have in there collection.Here is some info on it


Xena: 10th Anniversary Collection

Release Date: 7/26/2005
Original Release: 2005
Rated: NR
Length: 720 mins
Genre(s): Action

SKU: DV12875
UPC: 013131287592
SRP: $59.98
Format: DVD


In Sins of the Past she was reborn. In A Friend in Need she was laid to rest. What happened during the years in between is what creates a legend. And it took you, the fans, to create this box-set. You selected the episodes that best documented Xena and Gabrielle’s journeys, their adventures, and their friendship. You showed us what it meant to be Xena fans. So for you, we have developed this ultimate 10th Anniversary Xena Collection.

Xena: 10th Anniversary Collection

Original Full-Frame Presentation

2005 10th Anniversary Xena Convention

Fan Contests: Xena Fanatic Fan submitted video tape on why they are the biggest fan Xena Reenactments – “Fan submitted” reenactments of Xena scenes

Comic Relief First time interview with actor Robert Trevor on his character Salmonius

Xena’s Hong Kong Origins Explore the influence on the style and action of Xena by Hong Kong action movies with the show’s creators Rob Tapert, Liz Friedman, David Pollison and Doug Lefler

Mythology vs. Xena – Alex Tydings and others talk about her Mythological character,Aphrodite in both Xena and Hercules

Seeing Double – Zoe Bell talks about being a female stunt woman and her experiences working on Xena

Extras” A documentary – Explore the life of an extra on the set and at home in New Zealand while working on the production of Xena: Warrior Princess


Davis Panzer

So if you what do you all think of this dvd set and what do you all think about the episodes on the dvd like are they good or woudl you change it and put different ones on there so why not post and let us know

And while you are at it looks at these cool things

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