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Xena: Warrior Princess Screencaps
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This community has been created for the sharing of Screen Caps or other Xena: Warrior Princess related images. There will also be updates on any news relating any actors/actresses as well as updates on a possible Xena Movie.

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This sight is meant in no way to infringe those copyrights.

We're just here to look at pretty people and make stuff from the pics :)


* Please give credit for images, wallpapers, mood sets or backgrounds if someone asks for it*
*Please respect others opinions if discussions take place concerning the show*
*There may be "Subtext" discussions of the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle
Please remember that everyone is open to express their opinion but there will be no "hate" comments allowed*
*If something "inappropriate" is posted, it will be erased*

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The Memory Section contains direct links to episodes currently Capped in this community

Thanks and enjoy :)